Making the search for a great healthcare opportunity easy.

We do the work so that you can easily find opportunities in all healthcare sectors. Find the right job for you and be rewarded well for the work you love.

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Making the search for a great healthcare opportunity easy.

We do the work so that you can easily find opportunities in all healthcare sectors. Find the right job for you and be rewarded well for the work you love.

What Is Rocket Locums?

Where People & Care Come Together

Rocket Locums wants to help healthcare facilities find quality talent. This means connecting professionals with niche positions at quality facilities. By removing the middleman, we are able to bring more value to both facility and professional: we offer a quality of care for both parties, a better matchmaking algorithm that allows us to pair professionals with positions that are a perfect fit, & an onboarding process that is quick & free.

Find Freelance Clinical Assignments

Work with high-growth and innovative companies in healthcare and deliver quality care as an independent contractor.

Monetize Your Knowledge, Time & Expertise

Our platform enables you to monetize your time, knowledge, expertise with our partners.

Make More Money With No Hassles Or Surprises

Our automated system is set to make sure that you are going to get your fair share of profits without any hassle.

The Power of Rocket Locums

We disrupt the healthcare staffing industry with technology and data science to enable a frictionless and transparent hiring process for both facilities & healthcare professionals.

Create a digital file that contains all your qualifications in one place.

Imagine a world where there's no need to spend hours filling out hundreds of job applications. Finding a job is as easy as 1-click.

How It Works

Get Hired. Get Paid. And Find Rewarding Jobs

Create An Account

Sign up for your free account on our website, and be sure to download our free app, which can be found on the Apple store and Google Play store.

Setup Profile & Interest

Once your account has been created, upload your digital resume so you can start receiving quality job opportunities.

Get Hired With Ease

Let Rocket Locums AI do the rest in pairing you with the correct opportunities, allowing you to focus on negotiating for your expertise.

About Rocket Locums

The Future of Staffing Has Arrived

We launched Rocket Locums as a way to bring more freedom and fairness to the locum tenens industry. We help locum tenens workers to find more jobs and get paid better, and we also help employer save on recruiting and hiring.


For Medical Professionals

Find The Right Freelance Opportunity For Free

  • To make sure you only see jobs that are a good fit for you, we use a machine-learning algorithm to match you with awesome jobs.
  • Rocket Locums provides a transparent platform where you can see placement opportunities and pay rates upfront, allowing you to negotiate the best opportunity for yourself.
  • Easily create your profile, modify preferences, see job matches, negotiate and even accept placements on our mobile App

Get Matched To Your Perfect Job For Free

  • Rocket Locums makes it easy to connect with employers and begin doing great work.
  • You get to apply directly with the recruiting facility.
  • Our jobs are very flexible, which makes it easier for you to find a job that fits your life.
  • You don’t have to go through a broker or hire an agency for staffing in hospitals, nursing homes or, clinics. You manage all the assignments you get on your own.

Get Paid Quickly & Seamlessly

  • Once you’ve worked for your client, you can use our smart and seamless billing system to get paid.
  • The biggest challenge that we see with our clients is, ‘where can I find a reputable agency?’ We eliminate that concern by being transparent and upfront with everything. No hassle. No surprises.

For Facilities

Easily Find Qualified Medical Professionals

  • Connect with qualified medical professionals looking for freelance work.
  • On a tight deadline? Our algorithm will help you find somebody perfect for the job – based on your hiring requirements.
  • Access to a database of any available candidate credentials that’s constantly updated by qualified credentialers.

Easily Hire The Perfect Candidate For Your Needs

  • Using our platform, healthcare professionals are able to securely connect with hospitals and medical companies looking for freelance medical experts.
  • With Rocket Locums, we offer a comprehensive platform for managing every aspect of your search from start to finish.
  • You can save a lot of money on the cost of third-party brokers when you use Rocket Locums.

Save Tons Of Money

  • You set the rates for the job and negotiate directly with the hire. Every week, the hire fills out a timesheet with the hours worked. Once you approve the timesheet, you seamlessly pay the provider through our platform.
  • We charge a flat commission. That’s it!
  • We’re not like your typical recruiters. We charge you a flat rate for the services we provide: We don’t pass on our fees to other parties or have any hidden charges. No hassle or surprises.

Support Team

Jobs that give wings to your dreams

Rocket Locums has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. We love to take our clients’ visions and aspirations, and bring them to reality. With our professional staff of friendly support specialists, we’ll help you find a job that’s right for you.